Search Engine Optimization, a customized approach

At the very core, Search Engine Optimization is a process by which, you as a business is availing information about your business to a user looking for that information. Of course, there are other businesses who provide similar products and services, and hence the need for optimization so that your information is prominently featured in the Search Engine's results pages.

There are various factors that help Search Engines understand the information you are providing in your website. These factors are universal to any business, whether you are a small mom and pop business operating a lodge in a remote corner of a National Park or a multi million dollar eCommerce brand selling apparels and accessories.

Let's just take into consideration the following factors out of many that help SEO

  • Website Content (texts and images)
  • Content Architecture
  • External and Internal Links
  • Overall Site Performance
  • User Interface / User Experience
  • Crawl Optimization

Overall site assessments and Tech SEO audits are basically trying to make sure that the website is meeting requirements and adhering to the sound SEO principles. Our findings dictate course of action, and a customized course of action is mission critical. Here is one example. According to the about section of this page, Visit Longmont is an organization that promotes the City of Longmont by providing users with the information about the activities visitors can do in and around the City. In the tourism industry, it is a typical DMO (Destination Marketing Organization). Its measure of success, business growth or KPI is different from any tour operators or local hotels and lodges. Most likely the biggest KPIs from Organic Search perspective for this DMO are Organic Search Traffic the domain gets and brand exposure of its partners

Establishing these KPIs first, and performing overall site assessments and audits, we should stack rank the factors to go after. In this particular example, we would tackle the following factors in the order of priority as follows:

  1. User Interface / User Experience
  2. Content Architecture
  3. Website Content (texts and images)
  4. Overall Site Performance
  5. External and Internal Links
  6. Crawl Optimization

The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for businesses is in no doubt. It’s a strategic tool that drives cost effective traffic and makes the whole marketing machine efficient. Universal factors that help SEO include website content, architecture, links, site performance, and user experience. It is equally paramount to realize and appreciate that a customized approaches are needed for different businesses. The example of Visit Longmont is just to demonstrate how SEO priorities are determined based on business goals and KPIs, the platform and competitive dynamics. The order of priority for SEO factors depends on the specific needs of each business.

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